What is an ISO Consultant, And Why Would You Want One?


What is an ISO Consultant, And Why Would You Want One?

EmmersonWills explains why an investment in ISO Consultancy is the path to strategic business success

We sometimes find that the notion of an ISO Consultant can cause confusion, so in this month’s blog we’re shining the spotlight on the profession of ISO Consultancy and clarifying the extraordinary benefits of bringing an ISO Consultant on board.


So, exactly what is an ISO Consultant?

An ISO Consultant is an experienced and qualified professional in the field of ISO Standards. ISO; standing for International Organisation for Standardisation – a body created to bring standardisation across different industries, and to continually improve output in the areas of Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety.

As an expert in ISO consulting, ISO implementation, and ISO certification, an ISO Consultant uses their extensive training and experience to design and install bespoke, management systems that not only align perfectly with your business but also satisfy the ISO standards.

Acting as an extension to your team, an ISO Consultant provides support throughout every stage of the certification process and beyond, working to help your business achieve compliance quickly and advising you on matters beneficial to the ultimate success of your organisation.


A supportive approach

With a fresh pair of eyes, a good ISO Consultant will observe your business and its existing processes – helping you choose an ISO standard most advantageous to you and suggesting new ways of working or the creation of an intelligent management system.

Using their extensive knowledge, your ISO Consultant will write a tailor-made management system that holds consistency, risk awareness, and continual improvement at its core – working with you as a partner every step of the way to keep your business objectives in focus. You can expect to see a sharp improvement in the following areas:

  • Profitability
  • Productivity / efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Quality


A smart investment

The cost of a good ISO Consultant can in fact be cheaper than DIY implementation! It can be false economy to burden employees with an ISO workload on top of their other responsibilities, and a lack of ISO experience can often lead to additional time wasted on running inefficient systems. Not to mention the pressure of navigating ISO standards alone and having to keep up with upcoming changes to ISO standards!

It’s for these reasons that EmmersonWills encourages businesses to seek a professional ISO Consultant who will eliminate hassle and bring real value, delivering a solid return on your investment.


Increased client trust = more contracts

Having ISO certification can make all the difference when it comes to client confidence, boosting your industry credibility and showing that your product or service demonstrates the highest possible standards.

In fact, the ability to display the ISO logo can even win you more business, as so many clients now insist that suppliers hold ISO certification.


The wonders of a robust management system

At EmmersonWills we genuinely believe in making the standard work for your business, instead of your business working to the standard!

There’s nothing worse than an overly complicated and impractical system. Excessive form-filling and administrative workload should not be necessary!

We appreciate the powers of an expertly designed, forward-thinking management system that:

  • Works seamlessly
  • Provides structure
  • Gives greater employee confidence
  • Encourages growth
  • Increases profits
  • Future proofs your business


EmmersonWills – your expert ISO Consultant

Experienced in helping businesses of all sizes with their ISO certification, Matt Jones of EmmersonWills is a CQI / IRCA trained auditor of UKAS-certified ISO quality management systems.

Having worked on both sides of the audit table, Matt has gained invaluable experience on a diverse range of management systems – and EmmersonWills is founded on this expertise.

Underpinned by an ethos of championing business success, EmmersonWills provides continual help and support, building management systems that work efficiently and add vast amounts of value.



For a free, no-obligation appointment, contact ISO Consultant EmmersonWills via our contact form or call us on 0800 433 2207.

Let’s safeguard the future of your business.




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